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For Immediate Release to the Press: May 1, 2023

Abandoned Homes Project Launches Housing Court Early Warning System in Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio - The Abandoned Homes Project (AHP) proudly announced the launching of the first Housing Court Early Warning System (HCEWS) in Ohio. The system will notify property owners via regular and certified mail when properties are not maintained in accordance with local building and housing codes and when they could soon face fines, jail, and/or driver's license suspension. Property owners will receive notifications beginning May 3, 2023.

The HCEWS is a significant step in the Abandoned Homes Project's mission to improve the housing conditions in Ohio's urban areas. By providing property owners with timely warnings, we hope to encourage them to maintain their properties properly and avoid costly penalties. 

Many homeowners are unaware that Ohio Housing Courts have the authority to issue fines as steep as $1000.00 accompanied with up to 30 days in jail to homeowners whose properties fail compliance. 

Additionally, AHP has free, trained caseworkers waiting to help homeowners renovate, sell, and/or keep their homes. With access to 28 different housing programs in a single platform, low and no-cost assistance to homeowners is available 7 days per week. These programs include financial assistance for home repairs, grants for first-time homebuyers, and assistance with property taxes.

"We are excited to launch the Housing Court Early Warning System in Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati," said Wuaren Tyree, the newly-hired executive director of the Abandoned Homes Project. "Our goal is to improve the housing conditions in Ohio's urban areas and help homeowners maintain their properties properly. We believe that the HCEWS, coupled with our caseworker support and access to 28 different housing programs, will help us achieve this goal."

Homeowners can receive free assistance by calling 216.766.5705 or by calling their caseworker directly at the number listed under the “Case Information” section on the letters.

Help can also be obtained in less than 5 minutes online at https://www.ahponline.or/ by clicking on the YELLOW “Start Here” button.



About the Abandoned Homes Project:


Since 2015, the Project has invigorated the conversation about changing the way local governments, community development organizations, and residents of urban and rural communities impacted by blighted homes crisis can work together to solve this critical social issue.AHP has been recognized for its innovative approach to housing revitalization and has received support from local community, government, and private business leaders looking to improve Ohio’s thriving communities. 




Abandoned Homes Project Contacts for Homeowners:

Damian L. Evans, Paralegal and Caseworker

Office: 216.766.5705

Cell: 216.414.1116

Email: [email protected]

Wuaren E. Tyree, Outreach Program Director

Office: 216.766.5705

Cell: 216.727.6808

Email: [email protected]


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