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The Abandoned Homes Project, founded in 2015, is a collaboration of local leaders from the political, legal, real estate, and civil service industries working together to fight for fair and equal justice for owners of vacant and abandoned homes who face current or potential prosecution, fines, and/or jail  in Ohio's housing courts.


At the same time, we are lobbying and fighting for Ohio's antiquated housing code enforcement law to be rewritten to reflect the realities of the 21st century: People sometimes fall behind financially, get sick, or otherwise face the hardships of life that are out of their control. That does not mean that we should be putting them in jail or taking their driver's license. Nor should we jail people that invested in urban communities with good intentions, only to ultimately be unable to complete their project due to factors outside of their control.  Instead, we should applaud their efforts, learn and study what went right and what went wrong with their situation, and create programs and policies to help the next generation of homeowners and investors avoid these same pitfalls. We cannot, on the one hand, encourage people to invest dollars into urban communities (investment dollars that are desperately needed)  just to, on the other hand, jail them if things don't go as planned.


 While cities jail homeowners, fine them, and suspend their driver's license, none that we know of has stopped to ask themselves two simple questions:

"what are we doing wrong and why is putting people in jail not working?"



Mrs. Johnson’s home is an abandoned home because after she retired the costs of her medication prevented her from affording both her medicine and her home. 


Mrs. Dixon's is an abandoned home because she was forced to decide between divorcing an unfaithful husband who had become addicted to crack cocaine and keeping her home.


No Pension

Mr. Peso's home is an abandoned home because he was convinced by a scam artist to invest in two rental properties in Ohio to supplement is retirement income. 



“I was forced to abandon my home and move into an apartment after being threatened at gunpoint. I had two mortgages that were years behind, owed delinquent taxes, and was living off a fixed income. When I got the letter from the housing court to appear or be arrested, I had no clue what to do. Wendy and Kevin took my case for free, worked with my mortgage company to get the house sold, and even paid for the violations to be corrected. My case was dismissed." - Norbie E. Diepenseifen, 13624 Puritas Avenue (Cleveland)


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